AEROX PrO2-Plus Flightbag Portable™

AEROX PrO2-Plus Flightbag Portable™

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This small, affordable portable oxygen system may fit right inside your flight bag, but don't let its size fool you--it provides all the oxygen support you need.

Aimed at pilots who only occasionally go to higher altitudes, but want the comfort and safety that oxygen systems provide.  With up to 3 1/2 hours endurance, the Aerox Flightbag Portable features a toggle on/off switch, flow indicator for safety, gauge, fill port, and conserving cannula with quick disconnect for safe storage. The PrO2 Plus is easy to use with a fixed-flow, set for 18,000’ to support VFR pilots at any altitude.  No flow adjustment is necessary. 

The aluminum bottle is easy to store and has an UNLIMITED life.