Why it costs less at CANDOIT than importing yourself

Most people believe it is cheaper to buy direct from the USA and pay the freight and GST on arrival. And in many cases that is true. Not here at Candoit Australia. And here is why.

We set our AUD prices to be at or better than the equivalent private purchase wherever possible, eating into our distributor margin where necessary. We have the benefit of large volume economies of scale on freight and foreign exchange. Remember the spot rate of the day is not what you pay, it is typically 2-3 cents off the spot rate. Freight and customs costs are spread across many other items so you save again.

What about warranty? Warranty obligations belong with the importer under Australian consumer law. If you buy from us you get our outstanding customer support, and if there is a problem that we cannot solve we will warrant the item. If you import it, you are stuck with it, often paying significantly more to return the item and ship a new one.

We have had some recent examples of our customers who purchased Dynon and Aerox product directly off the web, only to discover later that their landed cost was around 1-2% dearer than had they ordered through us. And they have no warranty locally.

If you feel you can buy better overseas, please contact us, we can review our current and up to date costs and your assumptions and estimates and make sure you come out in front.