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Digital oximeters are a great non-evasive solution for anyone needing to measure oxygen saturation in their blood and the QuickCheck Pro digital oximeter is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts, high altitude sports, and aviation. For fitness enthusiasts, the QuickCheck Pro digital finger Pulse Oximeter is an ideal oxygen and heart rate companion. For high altitude sports such as mountain climbing, the QuickCheck Pro digital oximeter is a dependable way to measure Acute Mountain Sickness. Finally, for pilots and aviation passengers, this light-weight digital oximeter is a reliable way to measure in-flight hypoxia which can impair cognitive function beginning at 5,000 feet. Whatever your circumstances, a digital finger pulse oximeter is easy to use and fits comfortably on the tip of your finger, relaying your results in a matter of seconds.

The QuickCheck Pro digital oximeter features a high resolution, easy-to-read OLED display that most models don't carry and adjustable brightness for day and night. It also boasts approximately 30 hours of operation for each battery charge (two AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries) and an automatic power-off feature to save power.

This product is the perfect backup to the new smart connected Aithre Illyrian pulse oximeter system.

The Illyrian smart oximeter is usable in aviation to provide constant, always-on pulse oximeter readings to your iOS device and Apple Watch.  SPO2 readings are obtained using a thin sensor pad worn near the ear or on the forehead and then broadcast wirelessly to your Apple phone, tablet, and watch using the Aithre Connect app.

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